Care Instructions for Phone Cases

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Taking care of the phone case cover(s) that you order from is very simple.

All you will need is:  

  • cotton rag like a paper towel
  • or a microfiber cloth
  • lukewarm water
  • dish soap 

With regular care of your products, the colors of our prints will stay bright and will not fade.  

Choose to regularly clean the front of the phone case cover(s) with damp cotton rag like a paper towel or a microfiber cloth.  These two options will easily gather up the soil that builds up on the front and sides of your phone case due to regular hand use.  

Using a mildly damp cotton rag with lukewarm water or a microfiber cloth will have the right buffering to refresh the natural and sleek color of our prints.  

Bear in mind that using a paper towel that is soaked in water (even in an emergency) will not be effective -  more likely to cause residue to stay on the dirty spots.  Even more, the water drips will leak into the holes and access ports of your device that no one wants. 

If by chance there is more than just the regular soil on your case, add a drop of dish soap to a damp rag and wipe the cover in circular motion.

The circular movement would wipe the soap down, setting the soap into the overly soiled areas on the phone case without causing the dirt to set into the edges of the case.

Remember to use dabs of lukewarm water on damp rag.


More to know...

The quality of our printed phone cases are brilliant. We are sure you will be pleased to own one of our cases. The plastics in the phone case were made just for printing and the color of our prints will not fade off.  You should have no worries that our prints will fade from regularly wiping the phone case. 

Here's why... 

.:  Every case we have chosen to sell from our printing affiliates are well designed strong plastics manufactured into durable and impact resistant covers.  They are designed particularly for printing of high quality photos and resolution prints for shoppers to enjoy for a long time. So every pixel of our work is fixed into the plastic from the high-quality laser printers used.

.:  We attest every case has UV protected design, too. The design feature provides the phone case with excellent resistance to outdoor weathering and having long-term optical quality.

TAGLA company anticipates our shopper(s) will have no trouble applying our simple care recommendation to the phone case(s) they own from our brand. 


Our company cares what our fans think and welcome all to share comments on this topic in the fields below. 

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