Black Foil Mugs brought back in product line

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Quick news

New! Our product line is renewed with the Black Foil mugs. 11 oz and 15 oz white ceramic mugs.

Regular shoppers may have noticed that our website once had both 11 oz and 15 oz Black Foil Ceramic Mugs when they first published in 2017.  Unforeseen, a  matter of the manufacturer's product inventory for this brand was overlooked.  Still, our website continued to display the 15 oz product line.

Luckily, there were no shoppers and visitors who contacted our team about the model having something they can't order. 

This has been a relief as we felt so bad about the great job the model did to show off the mug and help us sell the mug. 

Our team pulled it together and we've made up for the huge mistake.  Facebook followers and others may have already seen from our follow up ads that our website has a new product page for both mug sizes. Hope this satisfies everyone.   

We send our apologies here to anyone who did notice the missing product.  We hope they accept that we have made the effort to fix the error for future errors and better reviews about our brand. 

We welcome comments from the shopping community in the form fields below.  

 Have fun shopping!

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