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Dear subscribers,

Our brand owner was notified before our summer season launch that marketing partners at Mailchimp made the choice that they would no longer operate on Shopify, which is our host shopping platform.  The change became effective on May 12, 2019.  We want you informed that the team has already took action to keep the newsletter by merging it onto our customer loyalty & rewards scheme with the Marsello company, effectively on May 21, 2019.  

For the past three and half years that we have operated online, our brand team has sent beautifully designed emails with Mailchimp marketers.  The brand newsletter has normally consisted of email message(s) informing new subscribers about our brand development, product news and promotional campaigns of new line ups in our fashion apparel, accessories and home & living collections.  The future aims of the brand owner is to develop her branding in the next few years to create a seasonal fashion catalogue folder made for subscribers with an exclusive log-in website. 

For now, we take the opportunity of having a newsletter to bring back online subscribers to continue browsing our unique line of brand designs and the many products to order for on demand production, shipping and hand delivery to their door.  

 The Mailchimp stamp is gone in our emails. img of Mailchimp marketing badge Bummer!  But news with a reward scheme sounds even better...

To reiterate from above, the brand owner has already merged the newsletter with the shopper loyalty & reward partner at the Marsello company because Mailchimp has ceased operation on Shopify.  The importance of this merger is that we keep all subscribers receiving information on brand development, product news and seasonal promotions through one marketing partner.  An email message was sent to subscribers the first week of our summer season opening with the following details included--

"...your subscription details have been sent via an integrated service of our Shopify shopping platform, from Mailchimp to Marsello. 

Aside from your email address, your subscription indicates that you are willing to accept marketing from our brand. 

We ultimately hope that you are okay with this change and are informed that future communication about loyalty rewards, product news and campaigns for our brand will come in email under the Marsello board..."  


Marsello loyalty and rewards scheme company iconWe highly regard Marsello as the best choice for our company at this time.

Marsello loyalty and rewards scheme company iconThe Marsello company is invested with our brand to give every shopper up to 13 ways to gain points and earn shopping rewards to visit our website again for seasonal shopping.   

Marsello loyalty and rewards scheme company iconThis year our company has gained new bonuses to give a shopper like the birthday bonus.

Every first-time shopper is automatically enrolled into the loyalty & rewards for shopping scheme.  Marsello introductory email explains the ways a shopper may earn points towards shopping rewards to place a new order from our website. 


With Marsello support, our brand will send brilliantly designed newsletters to you. And ready to do the same for our growing subscription who are likely to be the people that you are referring to This Artsy Girl's Line of Apparel Company. 

Lastly, you may choose to unsubscribe from our product and promotions newsletter and stay with the shopping rewards scheme at Marsello.   You may do so via the email footer in the next newsletter we send to you that will now be stamped with the Marsello logo.

The date of the next email has not been confirmed by the owner but tentatively planned as the summer season opening comes to end.

Thank you for reading this article.

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