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Get in early to place an order that will make TAGLA part of your lifestyle with a bit of savings.  Then, tell your best friends about our unique brand designs on products they would surely want to own, too.  You will reap loyalty rewards from our company for more online shopping at our website. 

This Artsy Girl's Line of Apparel began the spring & summer opening just yesterday, Monday May 20, 2019.  Our team quickly noticed there were a few tweaks to make of our website in order to fully publish our seasonal display by the end of our first day.   We got it done, stuck to our plans for a seasonal 20% off promotion to give everyone and kicked off with even more early bird savings -- 30% - 65% off promotions -- on many new items in our fashion apparel, accessories and home & living collection, that are not easy to pull, being such a new fashion brand online. 

We know the thrill of finding a new name to shop from, saving money on your first purchase and getting others into something new in print fashion branding. 

We figure, the earlier we get our favorite customers to start shopping this season, the happier they will live having our newest designs as part of their summer lifestyle. Our early birds have more opportunity to tell others that they could also be part of the TAGLA community.  This year, newer shoppers could be impressed with the designer tools built into products that allow them to recreate our designs with their own ideas for art and fashion.   We never know but hope a shopper leaves our website happy to know what shopping tools we offer.  We just never know that the next visitor could become our new affiliate company who will sell their own designs on a new website. 

We really appreciate your help with referring someone to TAGLA and gain us popularity with more happy customers.  Our company is pleased to inform you first with a few rewards for doing so.

 TAGLA Face Shopcode with 20SUMMERS promotional shopping offer

Use This Artsy Girl's shopping code to keep in your Apple Pay account. Return to your favorite product pages on our website whenever you are looking to shop for something that This Artsy Girl has lined up just for you.


Our favorite customers have got to be happy to catch up to our email early this season in order to get 20% - 65% off our newest fashion apparel and home & living product line of the season.  We are convinced that our production and delivery of our goods will be to 100% satisfaction to every customer.  If not, we appreciate that you let us know why.  And if we did 100% for you, please let others know in product reviews. 

Our brand team must persevere to win our customer every time we our selling something new.  We want our customer experience to convince a new visitor to subscribe to our brand for news on our brand's development around customer loyalty. 

These promotional opportunities for our brand are not easy to pull but good to know that our customers are interested to help us and let others know the season is starting off hot at our brand website.   

You just simply can't get TAGLA anywhere else! 


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