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We wish all our interested shoppers would own one or a set of cellular accessories we have available in our Trendy Accessories menu.   And regret that not many knew or did not take advantage of the Collection Promotion last month.

Since operating online and sending out marketing campaigns to subscribers, our team has learned that not many of our emails get opened.  And, oftentimes clickers and web surfers catch onto the website's written content like this one much faster.  We are glad that you are one interested shopper to click and find out how. 


To start, 

🔴Phone Case Covers are a decorative and jazzy way to protect your hand held phone device. 

🟠The Computer Moniclip and Wireless Charging Stand keep your device charged as easy as 1-2-3 and allow you to work more by your computer station with less worry over your phone's battery life. 

🟢All three cellular & mobile accessories are handy essentials for just about anyone. 

🔵And even more so, all three accessories make great gift ideas for this end of year holiday season. 


So, hoping to gain more interested shoppers, our company happily extends the FREE PHONE CASE promo this month -- to all new shoppers to the three collection menus in cellular and mobile accessories.  

Use Promo Code: CASEFREE

  • Buy any 2 Cellular & Mobile Accessory items
    Get 1 Phone Case Cover totally free.  FREE!
    One-time use per order.  This offer cannot be used in conjunction with the other discount offers happening on our website at the same period.  
  • The promo code is for everyone.  Includes new visitors and any new referrals you bring us. 
  • Active for the whole month of November.  November 1 through the end of Black Friday, November 29.
  • Exclusive FREE SHIPPING is included, up to $200.00 USD, to all regular and new shoppers in the US, UK and CAN regions. 
  • To reiterate, this offer is good for all shoppers who are looking for a great deal to buy these items from us. 
  • Type in the code, CASEFREE, into your checkout cart to be sure you get the phone case cover for FREE.

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