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Burst photography credited to...Providing more customer friendly and rewarding automated communication tools in mobile shopping is one of our aims to let you know that This Artsy Girl's Line of Apparel is a secure online shopping website.  There is a team to help answer your query(ies) and afford you a 100% satisfactory shopping experience.







    Each day the team is learning how important it is for our new visitor to understand who we are and how to shop on this website being aware of chat support and a smart shopper-friendly support line.   

  • Understandably, for website clickers finding an unfamiliar brand that boast lots of product pages and shopping tools, the experience may be daunting for anyone to place an order right away. 
  • A shopper has questions they must get answers to and validate the possibility to own something they see on the pages, without touch or trial. 

    This rest of this article aims to briefly explain to readers the purpose of the visible shopping buttons and how to make use of those applicable smart features from the start of a shopping trip on this website. Before you start to read, be aware that you will not be asked to click away from the page to understand the features.  Handy screenshots will help point to the shopping feature and an explanation is given about the button's features. 


    Here is a screenshot from the brand's main page img screenshot of site's main landing page with highlighted buttons 
    The screenshot shows our logo header, the search box, the shopping cart icon and the main menu bar that are pretty much the standard tools in shopping websites. 
    The screenshot shows several other icons that are colored in blue and green buttons with white letters across the sides and bottoms of the screen, highlighted by a pointy red arrow. Those are the shopping buttons to focus on here. 
    The shopping buttons are like the shop attendants and kiosks that one would find in retail stores on the street. 
    The buttons are available to the shopper from the first shopping trip and designed to respond to different stages of the shopping trip(s) at this website.   
    Some of the icons may be recognizable from other shopping sites.  But if you don't, no worries -- this article contains close up screenshots of each icon to explain how they are part of this website and what purpose they afford a shopper for using this brand to buy printed products on demand.






    The six (6) standard and smart shopping buttons titles are

    • Contact Us
    • Messenger + Shop Channel
    • My Wishlist 
    • Get Discount
    • Facebook Chat Box 
    • Check Rewards

    Other than the Contact Us page, the other listed features are round buttons and rectangular bars that appear like a screen layer over the main website page(s) .  These buttons will stay in the same designated place on the screen, even while scrolling up and down on the website content and product pages.  All the integrated shopping features a shopper may use at TAGLA are purchased by our brand for use on this website. If any issues arise, please send a message to the team via the Contact Us page keep us informed of concerns that come up and allow us time to promptly address the matter and improve the shopping experience to all visitors.



    A shopper(s) may have query(ies) to address with the brand owner, understanding the owner is not live to respond immediately.  This shopper may opt to wait for a prompt response from the owner & team via an email message.  The website has a page just for this scenario called the Contact Us page.   

    The CONTACT US page is found in the main menu bar, currently under MORE--as shown here:img screenshot highlighting main menu to Contact Us page

    This communication line is one of the standard ways a website operates to build a communication link to the owner & team to handle a shopper's queries and comments.  Website content on the footer of the site,  img-screenshot of footer content with direction to contact us pagealso direct visitor(s) to use the Contact Us page for queries, as you can see from the highlighted content in this second screenshot.











    MESSENGER + SHOP CHANNEL    IMG icon of website Messenger button

    A shopper is viewing product pages and wants to place an order during the shopping trip, having a question about a product.  Clicking the Messenger button directs the shopper to the Messenger app for live chat support within a minute.  The chat support person is employed on our shopping platform and ready to address shopping issue(s) and stay with the shopper throughout their shopping trip within Messenger.

    This feature is available 24 hours/7 days for our online visitor with a Messenger account.  For a shopper to use the Messenger + Shop Channel, the shopper must have the Messenger application download on their shopping device or the button will not fully function.  App download is found on Google app store and Apple app Store for smart Android and iPhone devices.

    The staff will start conversation when available and give the shopper responses with view of the product page. Staff will ask shopper if they wish to see other product pages or collection menus.  If shopper agrees, the staff will send the next message with images to view the product and collection menus from the main website within the Messenger. Chat support could obtain the shopper's permission to stay in chat line while shopper continues shopping, until they leave or complete their transaction.


    img screenshot to Messenger button         

    As highlighted in the screenshot above, the Messenger button is located in the top right corner of the screen.  Appears as blue-white round button with Messenger icon.



    The brand owner loves the Messenger. Its coolest feature is giving the shopper a sub-version of the main website to continue the shopping trip.  Within Messenger, any shopping cart begun on the main website page follows the shopper; Messenger support gives the shopper access to view the product pages and the menu of collections; and, within Messenger a shopper can safely complete their itemized product order with a listed major credit card, Apple pay or the Shopify payment options. 

    The whole concept of our Messenger connection is much like having a store leader with assistants to answer queries and help a shopper through their entire shopping trip, even at checkout.  It is the same secure checkout pages from the main website. 

    Shoppers also get written information to use the Messenger button on the bottom part of the website page like it is highlighted in the screenshot to the right.img screeshot of website footer content about using Messenger button





        img add to wishlist shopping button + click= img of My Wishlist bar

    Love something you see on the website and click on the product page but can't get it right away? Or see a few things that you are likely to order from this site but need to think it over, share with friends and get your budget fixed for it?  Or are you someone who wants to make a love-this list or Pin-it board and would rather avoid a checkout cart?   Good news for you that TAGLA has a smart shopping feature called the Wishlist to be one of your smart-shopping assistants.  The buttons serve much like a gift registry kiosk center, too. No need to subscribe or create an account to use this feature. 

    Below is a screenshot to help you see the Wishlist buttons  - rectangular buttons on the product page and a bar that will appear on the left middle side of the screen when one starts making a list. 

    img-screenshot of product page to love-click wish list box on product page-creates a wish list icon on left side of screen


    • The smart Wishlist will allow the shopper to freely click the product (s) they  love and automatically create a side bar button that keeps count/log of the list created without having to subscribe to a new account.
    • The smart-shopping feature retrieves one's shopping device IP address to allow one to keep the list and edit it when he/she visit the website again.
    • Customer Privacy policy allows our domain to use the smart-shopping feature to collect the IP address of the device you use to shop.
    • the Wishlist started will reappear as a shopper leaves it for your next shopping trip from the same device. The button will appear on the left side of the screen, as a light blue button with letters and a gift box icon, titled My Wishlist.
    • This smart Wishlist carries social share buttons for the shopper to share the list in social pages and email.
    • No need to create an account. The shopper has the option to become a subscribed account holder via our website. 


    GET DISCOUNT BOX  img screenshot of GET DISCOUNT bar on website 

    Throughout the year, the brand team will campaign promotional sales of a variety of product types and collections to interested shoppers at events, in advertising pages, telling friends and followers via social pages and send exclusive deals to email subscribers.  But very often, our new clicker and visitors does not sign-up to get news about promotions about our brand by email.

    The original prices on our product line without price cuts often turn off interested shoppers to leave the site, too.  Though, our team send subscribers email notices about saving opportunities, the team realizes that not everyone reads their email. And there are many others who click to visit the website but have not given us ways to reach out to them again.  If we could have captured a way to reach a clicker about ways they can save some money off our brand prices and own the wonderful products they are viewing on our website, we would try our best to make it convincing to return to visit and place an order from the website. 

    To address this matter, the team has created a partnership team to keep our brand's list of promotional codes and seasonal sales, available to all visitors who are not subscribers.  The same team also has another group of staff that could offer a Facebook chat box right on the screen to chat about the offers (this is the next item in this article list). 

    The screenshot to the right shows an area scrolled to on a former layout of the website's main page.  See the  bar at the bottom right corner of the screen
    img-screenshot of store page with GET DISCOUNT box at bottom right corner of the screen


    • This money saving opportunity only requires 3-easy steps once the button is clicked
    • STEP 1: clicking the button, brings up subscription box on the screen
    • the subscription box informs the shopper that a deal may be available on the same day. 
    • STEP 2: subscribing an email is requested to draw up the applicable money saving discount code (some offer codes they keep depend on whether the subscriber chooses to accept marketing from our teams--that is a personal shopping choice and not required)
    • When the email is submitted, a message box will show confirming the new email subscription.
    • STEP 3: the next click pops up the Discount code box with its promotional details. 
    • Shopper has a fourth option to click the code to the checkout cart to save it and continue the shopping trip before placing an order. 

    The result we aim for is a happier person who stayed on the website longer and found a way to save a few bucks off our product price plans. 

    • If no codes are available during the shopping trip, the team can send an email when a code becomes available.  That is only if the shopper agrees to accept marketing from the team or has a Facebook account to chat with a team member while on our website.



    FACEBOOK CHAT  img screenshot of partner facebook chat box

    This shopping feature is present on the screen to give Facebook account holders a chat with the discounts partner mentioned in the item before.  The team here can chat with interested shopper(s) with a Facebook account. 

    Chat may be about the promotional campaigns and clickers may choose to accept marketing for immediate news about products on promotion and to get help about promotional codes that are available, if need be. 

    As seen on the screenshot to the right, our partner's Facebook chat button appears as a round blue-white button at the bottom-middle of the screen with the white circle in the middle of the icon--this helps tell it apart from the Messenger button.    img-screenshot of facebook chat with partner located by website footer-bottom middle of screen
    • Our partner's Facebook chat feature is  different from the brand's Messenger button because a sub-version of the website & product pages is not part of the chat box. 
    • the partnering team are there like a floor attendant to handle a query about sales/ promotions on site.
    • the partnering team may give an immediate answer when available; or may send a follow up answer via email when the shopper agrees to accept marketing. 


    CHECK REWARDS    img screenshot of Check Rewards shopping button


    img-screenshot of site store page indicating location of the shopper loyalty rewards icon on middle top right edge of screenThere are ways to earn back savings on future orders when one begins to place the first order at our website.  It is an automatic entry managed with our partners at Marsello.                             The rewards shopping feature is a smart shopping feature that gives our customer a place to store the points & rewards they are earning for shopping from this website.  A simple click on the box will remind the shopper what they have earned.      As pointed to by the red arrow on the screenshot to the right, the Check Rewards button will appear as a rectangular shaped bar, green with white letters, located on the right-middle edge of the website screen. 

    To reiterated highlighted information -- Once a person places an order from our website, 
    • Clicking on the button, will show the customer the points & rewards earned--the rewards available for the next shopping trip and how many points are needed to gain the next reward.
    • Customer Privacy Policy permits our domain to collect the IP address of a customer's shopping device to allow the smart log feature to work for our customer. 
    • With the automatic enrollment to the shopping loyalty program, a shopper has the option to manage the points & rewards earned via an account page outside of this website.  It is also the customer's choice to not use the tool and unsubscribe from any email sent by the team via the unsubscribe link found in the footer of the email message.
    • There is an option for the customer to use the loyalty account outside of this website.  For one, the shopper can manage the account along with other points they earn from websites that participate in the same customer loyalty program.  The partner program may have other shopping rewards for customers who do so.  

    And that is the end of our smart shopping tools article. 

    Now, go shop and begin to use the tools that are applicable to your new smart shopping trip at our website. 

    Thank you for taking the time to read this article. 


    Our team welcome readers to share feedback and/or any comment(s) about this article in the form fields below. 

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