It is 2019. What's new for This Artsy Girl's Line of Apparel?

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a TAGLA brand logo

Selling fashionable apparel and art décor to online shoppers.  
TAGLA apparel designs for 2019 will be about monochromatic mixes and a couple of light & fresh colors for the warmer seasons that will be printed on both apparel lines to men and women.  Newer line up is due to publish after February 18, 2019.
New TAGLA designs for 2019 are about less colors in fabulous designs
More models and marvelous friends will show off our brand in social pages and on our website.
Newer TAGLA apparel line for both sexes will be distinct from the unisex line.
TAGLA accessories and décor designs for 2019 will have images with inspirational quotes & monochromatic designs to accessorize the existing printed designs.


Hi shopper,

2019 means that This Artsy Girl’s Line of Apparel branding is entering its fourth year since the original brand incepted the online shopping website.  Undoubtedly, four years is quite substantial time for our fashion brand to have caught attention to shoppers at a superbly large scale, but our fan base has not easily reached millions of shoppers without the team making the effort to find shoppers.  We feel that marketing our brand online is never a loss.  And TAGLA needs to do more of it with our attractive website ready to take orders from newer online shoppers like you.


a boxy TAGLA brand logoThere is lots to browse for on this online website.  We are marketing more to find more shoppers to make TAGLA brand part of their lifestyle,too.

Since stirring up on the idea to sell t-shirts in 2015, our website displays have been chaotic on some important shopping days, but the brand owner kept the site in full operation, knowing that the the product images and shopping features were on point for any shopper to click and place orders on our website.

Displaying an attractive fashion brand logo with a variety of product images took a lot of time to build up.  Along the way we were seeing a few setbacks on product availability from the manufacturers.  But our team persevered to keep customers informed about the changes and we continued selling the designs on other trendy products all year long.  

When the owner changed our brand name to TAGLA in 2018, our team slowed down on creating new designs so that the team could work at highlighting a few of the most popular apparel designs for the newly tailored TAGLA.  

a TAGLA brand logo-letteringWe enter 2019, with new gears at making our brand designs the focus on our website--including a line up of newer TAGLA designs to the t-shirt apparel line, for both men and women. 

As of January 24, 2019,

  • A seasonal display of this brand is on call for the rest of 2019
  • All product pages* that are not originals of TAGLA’s branding will come off display for several months until further notice– this list of products includes tops, bottoms, outerwear, pillow cases and jewellery pieces that connect on our website (g. the MUKATU leather jackets and coats, Hyha pillow cases, WJ and SYJON tops for men and so forth). *Note--the TAGLA Yoga line will be the only collection connected with other brand products.
    • While there is still time for a customer to order those items in January 2019, it is also anticipated that shoppers give our website product reviews on any product they order when the item(s) arrive.  If the product page does not show on your next visit, please respond to our partner email who will gather your comments.  Those reviews will later publish when the product is displayed on the website again.

As usual we remind our shopper to 

  • use the Wishlist buttons on product pages.  It is a great shopping tool and you can share it with friends in social pages.
  • check in for your reward points and save up for your next shopping trip.
  • Email subscribers and social network followers will get exclusive offers on different products. Plus, other added savings to full priced orders.


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