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Welcome to 2020!   An official Leap Year. 

Impeded with unforeseen delays to get our website refreshed for this new year, our team is making progress this week to refresh our product line and new features for more winter seasonal sales. 

Discounted offers are still available on holiday-themed apparel and essential items for the home such as personalization goodies, mugs, pillows, bean bags and kitchenware.   But, we are ending these sale opportunities, in just a few days. 

Don't Miss Out--

End the holiday cheers this weekend with treating yourself to several discounted apparel, accessories and home essentials that save you 15-35% off our regular brand prices.

Shopping trends are still happening for many of the holiday-themed seasonal items we have but we are aiming to attract more online shoppers with a website reflecting the current part of the winter season. 

There are only so many weeks left before Spring sets in, too. So, we are offering our best discounted offers now, and even more will appear on the weekend, throughout the apparel line for our men and lady shoppers.  

It is finally agreed, that all the Christmas-themed products will be removed from the website at the end of Sunday, February 9th, 2020

All orders of any holiday-themed items will be fulfilled for production, shipping and delivery by our company.  Any product reviews that you give us through the marketing email will show on the product page when we relaunch the line for the holiday shopping season later this year--we have tentatively planned to relaunch all Christmas-themed products--apparel, home essentials and accessories, for early bird shopping opportunity at the start of the Fall/Autumn season. 

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