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Since launching the MAKE AN OUTFIT CAMPAIGN in late May 2018, a few interesting mixes of our brand + vendor products have come through. 

Here we share some ideas for interested shoppers of what other customers are mixing & matching and putting into their Wish-list:

Just hope all customers and new visitors remember to come around to order their wish-list before the end of the campaign on September 6, 2018.


+ + + 
Campaign combination with our newest Dolman top and not the chiffon tops in our promotional image.  Print fashion to the max!



A leather and two tees. Cool! This customer must have their own jeans.

+ +


Leather jacket, Chryss B Dress and a Face mug. Nice and edgy style.

+ +

Cute outfit. Unique.

Looks like somebody wanted the leather and top; plus, something for the home or car, possibly.


Two leather jackets in one order: then got the phone case with a discount offer code.  All at just $110.00 USD (plus applicable sale fees to the vendor).  $110.00!!! That is the cost of a simple leather jacket in most other retail stores. I think someone is pretty happy to get these at their door very soon. 

So far it seems that tagla has done alright for some shoppers.

Hope to get you, too before the campaign is over!

Remember the last date to take advantage of this exceptional offer on the leather jackets is the end of the day on 


Spring and Summer are not the typical seasons for women to shop for a leather jacket.  But, with the incredible deal for MUKATU leather jackets on this site at just $40.00 USD (PU Leather in 5 colors) - $52.00 USD (PU+Suede Motorcycle jackets), the aim of this campaign has started to show that this time of year is actually a great opportunity for our fans to order leather jacket(s). Simply store it away in the closet for the next season with a brand new outfit from This Artsy Girl's Line of Apparel.  


News on late Saturday night, June 23rd, 2018 from Viv—it is sad news to hear about Kate Spade’s unfortunate suicide earlier this week. So hard to think what circumstances made her go so far.  Wonder who will hold her brand and retail stores to stay longer. 

I had put this image together after I caught on to her Taxi Collection in November last year.  I love that print! Dress, flats, scarf, case, the pouch...really all of it. I can’t sell with her brand but I’d totally swap those shoes on the model just for this Legging.     

I wish I could get Kate Spade Taxi fashion fans and bloggers to know my brand’s Brix print. Admittedly, I am full of doubt but I feel pretty good that my Brix print looks good for the Taxi style.  

If by chance any of my fans buy the Brix legging to wear with Kate’s clothing collection please write to me. —Vivian

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