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Who ever thought that social network developers would update the Messenger app to give us more to private messenging our friends and new contacts.  To shop? And make it safe to shop in a chat? Whoa...

This brand received the news on the Messenger deal from our affiliate companies and jumped to take the opportunity when we launched online in 2016.  We worked out ways to communicate our availability to visitors and let it run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

The curiousity to give it a go with a few tries made the whole deal sane for our new business. And with time, the clicks for Messenger check-ins has also crushed our shoppers.

These days we have started to wonder what shoppers think about it and would want to share with our online community. 

Did you use Messenger while shopping or did you reach us through our Facebook business page?

Do our shoppers love/like using our shop’s support via Messenger? Or are you just not interested and simply hate it?  

Tell us about it.

Share and read comments below. 

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