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Posted by Vivian Silverio on

2 November 2016, after 19:00GMT -- Great news has just reached our store this evening from our Teelaunch suppliers. Basically shoppers, it's going to get easier to shop for our mugs worldwide. So far, many shoppers in America, United Kingdom and Canada get their orders shipped far quicker and don't pay certain custom and duties.

The Teelaunch company has sourced printing facilities to reach more orders of mugs around the world more efficiently and without breaking in transit.  Plus, the locations in the U.K., India and Australia mean that you get your order processed faster and shipped to arrive to your door in less than a week.

Throughout the night, you will see we lowered our prices of several mugs in this collection. 
The newer mugs coming in to the store for 2017 will be available for order at the lowered price plan, for you to shop for more mugs. That's just the thing when our affiliate company alerts our store of any new opportunities that we can then offer to you.

We hope these changes will make you happier to come back and order from our mug line. And be reassured that you will have your mug to enjoy your coffee and tea in just a few days.

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