New computer accessory coming to our website that may keep your work life more productive

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The Moniclip is a handy computer and mobile device essential that may give you more productivity at work.  picture of angled moniclip with no designThe Moniclip attaches to the side of your computer screen to hold your device upright for easy access to your phone while you work.  The Moniclip’s unique design allows you to charge your phone with a charging cord while keeping your phone upright for use at your desk. 

 Our brand price is just $25.00 USD.







All the features of this accessory fit on any computer monitor and its access ports.  Mounting instructions are included in packaging. 



We are eager to get many of our designs on Moniclips appearing on our website soon, including product pages to personalize your own Moniclip.  The scheduled release is just in a few days and will begin in the wee morning of Tuesday, October 8, 2019. 

Soon interested shoppers will be able to order our brand-style Moniclip(s) to use at home or the office.   And share with friends where they can get one, too.  There may be a design he/she may love to own just like you, that is exclusive to This Artsy Girl's Line of Apparel Company.  



Please share that our company is able to ship this product worldwide.










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