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Our company is known to have advertising reach many potential customers worldwide. In 2016, we started our brand marketing worldwide. We have been doing so since gauging new business partners at small business events and utilizing online engines to market our brand.  This outreach has remained favorable to our brand development ever since.  

It is an immense and rewarding feeling to learn that our design and product lines have impressed online shoppers further than we thought we could initially reach. 🥰 

We have wished to make our website more fun for any interested shopper to shop from. 

And are now making it easier for all shopping visitors to figure out our prices on their first visit--allowing him and/or her to place their first order from our website right away.

Up to this date, we've given potential international customers a way to place orders with a credit card by offering the Shopify Payment option.  Under Shopify Payment, a shopper may place orders with their respective currency, have entry field boxes for their name, address and credit card details.  During the checkout process, currency conversion is given before shopper submits the final payment button.  You must click the Submit button once you choose your currency--this allows the website pricing to switch

To make international shopping trips even easier, our website will now include a drop down menu at the top of our main page that allows shoppers to choose their type of currency.  Our website is set under the US Dollar currency and will appear as such to all new visitors.  The currency selector menu appears just like the image below* which shows the list of 11 currencies that our website carries while the visitor continues to shop. 

 *img of website header featuring currency selector drop down menu

Once our shopper chooses the currency they wish to shop in, some cool features happen immediately.  😁

  1. all pricing on products change to the chosen currency value.
  2. all prices round up after the conversion. Prices are converted by multiplying our product(s) price by the currency conversion rate, adding the conversion fee, and then applying the rounding rules for that currency
  3. the shopper's chosen currency follows on every product page, in the shopping cart and at the final checkout for payment via the Shopify Payment option.

We are hoping worldwide clicking shoppers will be much happier with this new feature.  And will share the news with international friends they wish to refer to us for shopping. 

Please let the shopping community know what you think about using this new shopping feature in the form fields below.


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