Opening and Closings for 2019

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TAGLA 2019 is seasonal shopping 

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For the rest of 2019, our website will have opening and closing days of operation to take online orders from our loyal fans and new interested visitors.

Closings of our website means that our company can not accept new orders and will miss out on making new sales from you and other customers.  Still, it is essential for our team to close occasionally to get our seasonal pages and products in line.  We think of it as a way to prepare customers for a new invitation to the website each time we propose to relaunch the website.

Here are the shopping themes & the OPEN periods of operation for this website:

 END OF WINTER PROMOTION March 1, 2019 - April 12, 2019
SUMMER DAYS SALES EVENT May 20, 2019 - August 2, 2019
END OF YEAR SEASON, incl. Early Fall, Black Friday and Christmas Season August 19, 2019 - January 28, 2020* (TBC)


The interim CLOSING periods are as follows:

after END OF WINTER  April 13, 2019 - May 19
after SUMMER DAYS SALES August 3, 2019 - August 18
after the NEW YEAR 2020 tentatively planned for January 29, 2020 (*TBC)


We figure you may be asking "Why has TAGLA team chosen to temporarily disable the website at different periods this year?" or "What if I order something before or on the day the website is due to close?  Will I still get my order delivered?"    Let us help you know what we propose to do...  


The following points are very important to your shopping day(s) this year. Please read--

  • Please have no worries to place orders up to the last minute of the aforementioned seasonal events.  
  • Our company reassures you that any orders received to the last minute of will be completed for shipping and delivery by our company.
  • Shipping and date of delivery communication will be sent for each order that comes in, until the delivery is confirmed upon receipt.  
  • Our team is happy to receive your product reviews when the website is relaunched. 

    During the interim of closing days, 

    • website visitors will not be able to view the brand’s main home page, view the product line or use any shopping features.
    • An explanatory message will show on the main page to keep visitors informed about the brand status, alongside the email subscription box*.
      • *Subscribers, who accept to receive the brand’s newsletter and marketing, will get notification when the website relaunches to full operation
    • A chat support team is the only shopping feature available while the website operation is disabled.  They do not handle query on returns.  This is only possible when the website is in full operation.
      • Requisite of our brand’s Messenger feature is for the shopper to have a Messenger account via Facebook.

    DISABLING THE SHOPPING FEATURES. TAGLA team will refresh the website for every new seasonal period listed above. 

    • Disabling the shopping features allows our very small team to refresh the product pages, remedy any site situations unforeseen and update written content for the next relaunch.
    • Disabling the website will help our team avoid disturbing a shopper on the same day our team is making changes to the website.
      • Interruptions of the product line makes the shopping experience very disruptive to the shopper and could turn a shopper away from our brand.    
      • if you can imagine, one of our team making changes on a product that a shopper is viewing & adding to the cart at the same time.  If the product is listed unavailable by the team while someone is still shopping, the shopper would not be able to place the order of the product.  This eventful moment is truly one of our top ten peeves. Ultimately, being the primary reason the brand owner has chosen to have temporary shutdowns of the website.
    The choice to hold temporary shutdowns is that it is primary for our team to make shopping easier and attentive of all visitors and our brand's loyal customers during the year's major seasonal shopping events. 


    The team welcomes the shopping community to feel free to share thoughts and comments on this topic in the form fields below.

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