Outfit campaign is over and the brand is getting ready for the holidays

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Hi fan(s),

TAGLA.co is happy to know you are back on site clicking and browsing the product line for something new that you might have left on your wishlist.   If you haven’t tried this handy shopping tool yet, try it out today and come back whenever you are ready to place the order.

The summer months were more relaxing for the owner to get away from managing site pages and communications since site partners are kindly helping her communicate with shoppers when she promotes the custom brand prints to new potential fans.  Recently, the team has refreshed our slideshow with most of the product pages as our last promotional campaign ended just about 10 days ago.   It ran for three months and the momentum for the campaign grew later into the month of August.  It was good to see the number of clicks our brand was getting from unexpected places.   

The Make an Outfit Campaign is now over. And many other discounted offers have been taken away.   

The “Make An Outfit Campaign” was pretty popular for our brand to reach fans and new visitors all summer.  Most of visitors may have been females but our male line also got lots of attention.   Plus, many shoppers downloaded the digital freebie to prepare a cool summer milkshake, too.  It was a surprise to make that offer interesting to customers. Thank you so much for the interest to shop and get your smoothie drink on with tagla.co.  

Summer is not the season most shoppers are thinking to buy leather jackets but given the surprising response, we feel reassured that the campaign strategy was worthy to TAGLA.co fans.  From what we can see outside of our circle of friends, fans were glad to create outfits and shop for the two jackets---it really was such an awesome deal on the two essential-must-have covers at the oddest time of year.   Ladies who ordered one must be feeling wonderful to have the jacket(s) handy with our branded tops and bottoms, now that the cooler season is coming through.   

TAGLA.co plans to display another popular outerwear piece, starting the first week of October 2018.   We figure it would be worth the try to give our fans another suggestion to create & order outfits with our tops and bottoms for the upcoming cold season.

For now, the MUKATU vendors continue to have a great inventory of the leather jackets for our brand the rest of the fall season—just closer to the regular retail price. 

Please continue to browse our site and come back to our blog to get the latest updates as we prepare for the busy holiday shopping season—we will hold campaigns for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and lots more for the whole holiday shopping season.  Sorry, but there won’t be anything new showing for a Halloween treat.

That’s all for now.

Feel free to leave your comments in the field below. 

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