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Your shopping trip at our website is a bit more innovative with built-in designer tools on our product pages that require you to click and use your keyboard to personalize TAGLA designs on products with your name written all over it.

Personalize a design we sell on a shirt, a piece of art for the wall, a coffee or tea mug with a little something that makes it perfect for you or the one you are giving it to when it arrives at your door.  A name, one word statement, favorite phrase or greeting.   Got your own ideas.




Give designing a try.  See if you like personalizing our designs and products.  If not sure, you may choose to order the product as we display.  Come back later when you have better sense of what you want on the end product before you order the next time. 

You can sit at home or office break room with your tablet or  computer.    You can actually design from anywhere you feel comfortable to design and shop from your mobile device.  Do this on your own or your favorite design buddy.


Here are some handy instructions and tips from our team to help you start designing the personalization products with your unique touch.

To add to the designs on the product you wish to order, simply begin with
  1. clicking on the product/size you are interested to own
  2. use the handy tools in the pop up designer box to add fonts and emojis from the collections and keyboards given.  The tool allows you to change the size of font and placement, too.
  3. For the canvases, you may apply your very own images*  over our brand designs to make the product more unique to your lifestyle, like a selfie or family photo.
  4. The image is saved to the canvas or shirts you order on your transaction details. 
  5. The company will complete your order for hand delivery. The listed printer company holds the image your create solely to complete the production, package and ship the personalization item(s) in your order.
  6. To address any relevant error that appears when you receive your order, you will need to upload the image file again to get an exchange product. 
    • *Using Images(i.e. photography or free digital images): a handy photoshop app with image resizer like Paint/Paint 3D on your desktop/notebook, Canva on Facebook or Pixlr editor online could help make your design elements brilliant to easily fit into our designer tools for the canvas product.   If the image dimensions do not match the size requested in designer tool, the image may look distorted and the product can not be returned.  But the company will exchange it. 
      • In Paint app on desktop/computer. 
        • Look for the Resize menu button to change the pixel dimensions that will fit your image into the design tool for the canvas.
        • Edit your image to the exact pixel requested: 1. Go to the pixel option located on the right hand side of the Resize box.  2. add in the vertical and horizontal dimension requested; 3. while doing step 2, it is best to click to do not lock the image dimensions* in order to get the exact pixel you need. 4. Save your work to your computer.  5. upload image into our website design tool.  6. Happy with how it looks on our design? Keep the design and place your product with new design to checkout cart.   Don't forget to add any applicable discount code available to your checkout cart. :-)
        • WORDS OF CAUTION: *When editing an image from photography for upload, be careful with distorting the layout of your original image.  Distorting the image can happen when resizing the image to specific dimensions, if your original image does not have the same layout.  If you have an image like a photo whose layout is horizontal or vertical, you do not want to make these images square in an image editor.  Much of the image will become warped and ruin what you want to achieve through personalization.  We recommend, adjusting one side, either the vertical or horizontal space to keep the original view of the photo or image. You can adjust and move the image onto the personalization product to fit it into the center of the product or on the left or right border.  Try your creativity with borders when personalizing the pillows.
        • Canva on Facebook. This photo editor and image creator has unique fonts and canvas sizes to crop your images.  Canva has a free trial period to use the app and cost $9.95 per month to continue using via Facebook.   Please be sure that the image you create fits the dimensions requested by the designer tool.  If the image dimensions do not match the size requested in designer tool, the image may look distorted for printing.  Use one of the other tools we suggest here to get the specific pixel dimensions. 
      • Pixlr editor is another great online art design tool where you upload your image from your device.  Use Pixlr to add other photo enhancements.  Use the edit menu to change the image size by pixel.  Save the image to your computer device.  Upload it to our design tool on the product.  Now that you are happy adding your design, add the finished product design to the cart and complete your transaction.   The item will be hand delivered just like you want it. 

    Let our company know if we are doing well enough to make shopping for personalization products quick and easy.  

    If and when you need additional help with the design you are trying to complete,

      • use our Customer Support chat in Messenger.  Messenger account via Facebook is required to use this shop feature.  
      • or, visit the contact us page to report issues to the brand owner. 

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