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Charge your devices in a flash!  Using the Prontimus is as easy as 1-2-3: just plug, place, and power up!    

The stand is an essential and handy computer & cellular mobile accessory that may add to your productivity at work.   
picture of Blue Arthur wireless charging stand propped with cellular phone by desktop computer monitor and keyboard.Acting as a quick-charge wireless charger and phone stand, the Prontimus Charging Stand will keep your devices in the green, cord-free.  Prop up the Prontimus at your desk or on your nightstand for easy visibility of your phone while it’s charging up.   The electricity current features* are: 10W Charging Speed (Two Coils), Input 9V/2A and Output 9V/1.1 A. A USB to USB-C Cord is included that match computer access ports. The product is manufactured in the United States and features access ports to fit all cellular/mobile phones.  




We have competitively priced this product at $70.00 USD.
Our brand has 50+ designs for print-on-demand & hand delivery to you at your door.  Some are for personalization where you can upload your own image.

If you happen to already feel enticed to get a new charging stand on our website.  And you are not sure this device is comparable to your cellular phone needs, *please take a minute to check for the electrical current requirements of the computer & cellular/mobile device(s) that you own. 

Then, you can seriously consider placing an order of one that will be released on our website during the early morning hours of Tuesday, October 8, 2019.   

This same day, our website will also launch the Christmas-themed product line and another computer & mobile device accessory.  It will be quite a busy day and we are hoping all the products scheduled for release this day will all run smoothly.  Our team will be around to keep a check of our website.



So, what do you think? 




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