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Our company is heavily saddened to get news that our awesome partners at Bekeeting are ceasing their integrated-support service off our shopping platform on August 27, 2019.   Meaning, a couple of our shopping buttons on the website will not function after this date.   Our team is listed to remove any appearance of the shopping buttons on that day.  With full aim to get the buttons cleared off the screen by 10 P.M. on August 27. 

The Bekeeting partners have helped our company manage promotions right on the website, 24 hours 7 days a week, for over a year.  Easy-to-use tools that appeared on the screen that shoppers could click for help while getting to know our website and ways to shop. 
The built-in  button offered all visitors the opportunity to access the promo codes for savings.  With just a couple of clicks more after entering required details, the Bekeeting tools guided shoppers to click the code to their checkout cart and continue shopping.  Customers would see the great savings every time an item was added to the order page.   
Bekeeting even managed their own Facebook chat line on our website.  Bekeeting's FB line allowed staff to answer queries about regular promotions and gave email update to subscribed shoppers when new and better deals were available, oftentimes, on the specific products those shoppers were most interested to order.  

We love Bekeeting.   

Bekeeting teams made it very easy to rely on their staff 24/7.  And we were further reassured with our customer experiences.

Shopper's using Bekeeting team buttons know the incredible effort their staff have given our company.   We really wish they did not have to leave.  But it is their decision.

Nonetheless, our company has list to several other companies that have similar smart-shopping support built-in with our platform.  Our team endeavours to gauge new integrated shopping assistance support in the first two weeks of September 2019.  Once running, we will update our "Get Familiar to our Smart Shopping Tools" information article on how to find and use the new buttons that appear on the screen.  In the meanwhile, we are transitioning most of the email notifications with current partners at Marsello.   This company handles our customer loyalty and rewards scheme.  They have been with us for over 2 years and we believe they are staying for longer.   

Lastly, if any readers wish to stay up to date on this matter, please subscribe your email below for notification from our team. 

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