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Season changes are inevitable, just like our prices.

We want to stay competitive to the other brands you may choose to get your home goods for the end of year celebration events and the gift-giving season.  So...

Firstly, sorry if you have been turned off by the higher cost to place orders of the decorative pillows.  This change came rather quickly and now we’re taking an immediate step to make them a little more affordable to our many visitors and interested shoppers.  
The good news is that we are marking back price(s) on the pillows now before the big shopping period arrives.  Please read on for a more detailed explanation.
Followers know, that we marked up prices on the stuffed square & rectangular accent pillow during the mid-summer days after the team gathered that buying home essential items is costing us more to sell more.  
Before we launch newer goods, our team usually starts with finding the type of products that fit our niche of design.  Then, we look into what shoppers are looking for online at different periods to get those on our website.  
To deal with the inevitable increased prices when buying more products and make them attractive and available to our shoppers quickly, our team has found flexibility to bring the prices back down.
Our aim is to impress online shoppers to place orders from the website every time he/she visits our product line and not get disappointed that the same item(s) they saw the last time have a much higher price.  
The occasional discounted offers or rewards from shopping help our customers shop more. Still, understanding that higher prices are a turn off. 

Hoping for a friendlier response from our regular customers and newer shoppers, here's detail, about the pillow price change

Decorative Pillow Type* Size Current Price New Price Orig. Price
Stuffed Square Pillow (all-over print/one-sided print 18 in. square $32.00 $25.00 $25.00
Stuffed Accent Pillow(all-over print/one-sided print 20 in. x 12 in. $30.00 $25.00 $22.50
*This price change is not applied to the personalization pillows
Essentially, we've made a slight increase at 12% on the rectangular accent pillows. 
Our team hopes that all shoppers will find the current change is more appealing to like our brand a little more.  Visiting our website regularly to shop could afford every shopper opportunities to save off our brand prices during major calendar shopping events, on product promos, exclusive subscriber deals and to make more of your shopping rewards. 
Please feel free to share your comments and thoughts with the shopping community in the form fields below. Your reactions and words are so appreciated by our company, too. 

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