When on-demand print is high, the store automates an alternative

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News has come to the store owner's attention about shirt orders being delayed. Primarily, Miss Dee’s American Cheer Shirt for children. 

We acknowledge there are situations when selling products on-demand where errors happen on shirts and not getting delivered. Fortunately for our brand, less often do orders become delayed or unfulfilled.

The printing companies we are contracted to have been in operation to do on-demand printing orders worldwide for several years with a good reputation. The companies get many reviews saying that they get the work done right to 100% satisfaction.  

This time around, the news that hits our brand is about a contract issues of a shirt supply we chose to sell the Miss Dee design.

When we chose our products in 2016, the American Apparel Company tee appeared to us the perfect cut with 15 colors we were sure parents would love to choose from and have Dee for more than one day. Report states the company may be ending the cut design and supply of every colour to Printful company. So each day less shirt colors are being supplied to our brand and printing company. 

The brand owner had to find ways to work things out at Printful to keep a customer happy to order the shirt print...


The best decision was offering customers ALTERNATIVE COLOR CHOICES 
To reiterate, the brand’s inventory for the American Apparel shirt is running low everyday — availability varies and three colour shirts are already discontinued.

  1. Our shopper has the option to wait until the colour shirt becomes available which could take up to 2-4 weeks.
  2. If a shopper wishes to get the design on the same day, an automated color alternative of the American Apparel shirt is generated, at no extra cost to you.
  3. In both circumstances above, the hourly demand for the shirt colors could make the supply run low quickly. So, it is still not certain which colour would be secured for printing and shipping.
  4. For option 2)— upon complete purchase transaction, shopper will receive an e-mail confirmation that shows if the alternative colour had to be chosen. Procedures to keep the alternative or cancel the order would be given in detail on the receipt. Again, this is at no extra costs to the shopper(s). The store will bear the costs to the suppliers of American Apparel for the alternate colour shirt. 

The following is the list of colours on product page with the likely chosen alternative of American Apparel tees:
White: Other Black (alternative)
Black: Other White (alternative)
Navy: Midnight Navy (alternative)
Lapis: Midnight Navy (alternative)
Baby Blue: Cancun (alternative)
Light Blue: Cancun (alternative)
Red: Raspberry (alternative)
Sunshine: Lilac (alternative)
Pink: Light Pink (alternative)
Fuschia: Hot Pink (alternative)
Purple: Purple Rush (alternative)
Grass: Tahiti Blue (alternative)
Kelly Green: Tahiti Blue (alternative)
Olive: Other White (alternative)
Slate: Other White (alternative)

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