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We regret news in our inbox that our company has lost the printing center allocated to the 15 ounce ceramic coffee mugs produced by SPOKE Custom brand, like our Pink Hearts Spread mug pictured below.Pink Hearts Spread 15 ounce Ceramic mug The printing center had been linked with our brand since 2016.  And the news was just given to us today.😓 

The printing center has discontinued stock of this mug design from the manufacturer so we can't count on them to take any orders from our website today.  This is reason why the mug product pages have not been showing on our main website or the Facebook business page since mid-day today.   

We regret losing a reliable printing affiliate.😥  But, even better news is that there is a good chance to get the 15 ounce mugs relaunched on our website today! 😁♥❤❤❤💗💗💗❤❤❤❤😍

    1. The SPOKE Customs brand have other print centers in the United States that continually get supplies of this same mug design.
    2. Our costs for a a new printing affiliate remain nearly the same. 
    3. The new print center can easily connect with our website today and link the same product pages with the design layouts as we currently display.
    4. Simply stated, another company will receive orders made from our website for the 15 ounce ceramic mug after we relaunch the product pages later today. 
    5. It's just a matter of hours to replace connections on our website and make the 15 ounce mugs available again for our online shopper(s).
    6. We're listing them at a discounted price, too--our company aim to get those lost shopping carts back in to order. 
    7. Hope you understand the matter is in our hands.  It is inevitable that we will continually get face with these sort of changes.
    8. Happily, there are ways we can make up for losses and keep up communication to our customers via this newsletter.   Given so, please encourage referrals you send to us to sign up for the newsletter, too.  That way, they will also have product updates like this available for their shopping trips. 

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