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Quick news. Our brand is increasing the purchase price on two items in our newly published product line.  The price changes will be fully updated on the product pages for Tuesday June 18, 2019.  Here is a brief explanation --

Though the line of unisex flip flops and bean bag chair with filling are new on our product line, our company has received news that the manufacturing and the full production process to print, package and ship these items, alongside some of our brand tops has become costlier to all our companies.  These factors impact on the marginal profits our brand team aims as we mostly sell online.  Our team has averaged that our profit aims have become greater to our brand, impeding on us to up our purchase price to online customers by an additional 5%-30% percent. 

The effective date of the increased prices for both products is tomorrow, June 18th.  

The new price for the Bean Bag Chair is $150.00 USD.   Several of the bags will stay listed for $120.00USD.  This is the seasonal costs to customers who can use the seasonal promotional code. 

The new price on all the sizes of the Unisex Flip Flops is $35.00 USD.

Though we are upping our prices midway of our seasonal shopping period, our team figures that shoppers will still have an opportunity to save by lowering the cost with the seasonal promotional discount code(s) that may be applied at checkout.  Other great shopping rewards will follow after placing your first and next order(s) at this website. 

Ultimately, we are in business to make a profit for what we offer in art and fashion retail.  The profits allow us to expand the commercial of our print on demand brand. More so, the team members are not the sole producers and owners of the products we display on the website.  Product manufactures duly inform our companies of costs and we have to respond to keep our aims among all our company.    We hope you understand and will continue to browse and shop from our website today. 

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