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This Artsy Girl's company is hoping that the header line has not already elicited disappointing reactions from readers about our brand's prices.  The recent price increase on the bean bag chair and flip flops has not lead us to increase prices on every item of the TAGLA product line.   This news is of a marginal matter that we can not cushion any further.   

Next to our fashion line, our brand has credibly gained lots of exposure on the worldwide web for on-demand orders of the super soft stuffed pillows.  The past three years, the price to fulfill the on-demand orders for these decorative cushions have stayed very competitive to similar brands in the market.  All is good news but either way our brand is going up on our price for all the pillow, the oldest to new additions coming up.  
We anticipate the price change on the pillows keep you interested to order them and like more things of our product line.  The company will promote pillow sales with  our partners.  Plus, a seasonal shopping discount offer would also make it easier on your pocket to continue placing orders from our brand website -- until you just can't have anymore from This Artsy Girl's apparel
The increased prices will begin in late August 2019 which commences our next seasonal opening.  The greater change will be of the decorative pillows in the Home Essentials Collection.  Our team is negotiating more affordable costs on seasonal unisex shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts to make our fashion line weigh less on the pocket. 
The price increase of our decorative pillows will be:
Product Old Price New Price
Stuffed Square Pillow (18 inch sq.) $25.00USD $32.00USD 
Rectangular Accent Pillow (20 in X 12 in) $25.00USD $30.00USD

We promise that our company print providers will perform with the utmost respect to satisfy customers to 100% satisfaction by perfectly printing and tailoring every item in the order in just a few days for packaging, shipment and hand-delivery to your door with a few days more. 
The changes we are making on product prices develops from news starting with our product manufacturers to all the positions involved for our company to fulfill on-demand print orders to shoppers in many world regions.  The brand owner is driven to keep the contracted companies informed of the price margins we agreed to work with--primarily, to make it attractive to shoppers to enjoy shopping from our brand.  We know it is better to get lower price updates.  But in every business, factors will affect us on increased prices from time to time that are not negotiable. We must manage with the news and keep our customers informed that prices are going up. 

We love the company we keep and appreciate them for the price updates before the end of year shopping season comes around.  The substantial time gives us space to negotiate prices of a few other products, with the aim to promote these at a lower cost later this year. 

Despite the unavoidable prices changes on the pillows, we are excited to let you know that we are stretching our brand designs across all our product line and have a few more seasonal Christmas designs on fashion and home essentials.  
Just keep note that our website's Fall & Winter seasonal opening period begins in the early morning hours on August 20th.  Our Facebook TAGLA page and partners will also be available to shoppers the same day. 
The Christmas themed products will appear in late October for early shoppers.
Our brand gets started earlier than most other online places to allow our shopper time to browse the seasonal line, create their wish list(s), take advantage of early shopper savings and shop again for the gift giving season.  
This Artsy Girl and team look forward that you come around again and choose us to warm up your wardrobe and home with us for the colder seasons -- new tops, comfy home essentials and the designer tool will be on line to make the shopping season more enjoyable.  

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