Autograph Tees Collection


A keepsake place for friendly wishes, quotes and signatures of your favorite people, each time it is worn. 


Inspired by people who celebrate special milestones, holiday and reunion with a celebration shirt, This Artsy Girl got ready for such occasions to create this small collection of Autograph Tees. Tank tops are added to suggest the same. 

The white backside of these tees could be the spot that your favorite people draw on and sign, to be remembered for the times shared. Making the special moments last longer. 

The tees will feel more comfortable to wear once you get those Hancocks covering the back.

The basic white tee is a high quality and durable top made of super soft 100% polyester that makes it the perfect place to print our designs.  Good quality fabric markers and paints will soak in well with the white backside and will not easily fade during washes. Regular care of the tees with a good storage place are highly regarded to upkeep the high definition inks used to produce the tops. 

Our brand first displayed the tees for ordering online in 2017.