Men's Movember Movement

Lots of people adore a good beard to hold.  Wouldn't you agree? 

They look so attractive on many men--from newbie goatee trimmers, lumberjacks, men in hard labor force, busy fathers and men who hold the tradition around facial trimming & grooming amongst other men. No Shave Movember came about through social events this decade for men, like the Polar Bear Plunge and No Pants on the Train/Tube Day--held across the Americas and the United Kingdom.

No Shave Movember movement requests men to let the facial hair grow out, have hairy faces for a long time and doing so with care.  

This fall season calls up our grown male shopper(s) to get into & continue this movement--Get a bit hairier with This Artsy Girl's Line of tops and the trendy finds on our website that give you a go-to-style for your new hairstyle venture.  We've even sourced a pair of black foot socks to add to your attire.  Our company will print, pack and ship a pair to your door, like any other product on our website. 

For Movember, allow yourself to style a fuller mustache and beard. You will surely impress people.  And plausibly, more women. 

Whether you start with a shadow of a mustache, a perfectly trimmed face or even more of a goatee and beard, 

  1. Allow your facial hair to continue to grow without a shave all season.
  2. Do so from now until the end of the colder season
  3. Remember, do not shave off any facial hair.  Allow yourself a trim to keep an attractive appearance about your new mustache and/or beard. A trip to the hair care section at your local shops may be better for Movembers to learn new things in hair care for men. 
  4. Hair growth is optimal this time of year as the body temperature adjusts to colder extremities by adding more hair on the skin. Using treatments may help you get hairier in a shorter time.
  5. No life commitment to this movement is required. 
  6. You can make Movember happen any time period of year.  
  7. You may stop at anytime and get a shave.  At least you did something new to looking good in a new way.
  8. Exclusive to this Collection is our complimentary Promotional Code to convince you to get in to your Movember-statement style with us: NOSHMO20. (Not to be used in conjunction to any other discounted offer on our website).  This is a one-time offer to all shoppers who order from this No Shave Movember Movement Collection.  Good from Friday night of October 4th, @10:10P.M. until end of Leap Year Day, February 29th, 2020. 

This Artsy Girl's Company does not sponsor social events for No Shave Movember.  We are a business selling fashion and accessories online for interested shoppers to make these items a part of his new hairstyle venture.   

Our company wants men to have freedom to talk about hair, how good the new facial hair makes him feel, especially, when he is adding on to his daily care and treating himself to pampering from his wifey, or at a shop and salon.  Oftentimes, this experience goes unnoticed or undervalued by women.  Surely, there are women you know that want to get to know the how do's and why men like you are getting into growing long facial hair.

In this collection, the short sleeve t-shirt, tote bags and posters with frames can be personalized to your experience, as you get the facial hair better defined.  Type in your name, a title or other inspirational words/an image to make these products unique to you.