The Wireless Charging Stand

Charge your devices in a flash!  Order one of our designs for print-on-demand and make it more enjoyable to get your new charging stand, whether it is to use at home or the office. 
picture of Blue Arthur wireless charging stand propped with cellular phone by desktop computer monitor and keyboard.Acting as a quick-charge wireless charger and phone stand, the Prontimus will keep your devices in the green, cord-free. Using the Pronitmus is as easy as 1-2-3: just plug, place, and power up!
Prop up the Prontimus at your desk or on your nightstand for easy visibility of your phone while it’s charging up. 
The electricity current features* are: 10W Charging Speed (Two Coils), Input 9V/2A and Output 9V/1.1 A. A USB to USB-C Cord is included that match computer access ports. The product is manufactured in the United States and has applicable mobile device features.  *Interested shoppers from international regions outside of the United States should take responsibility to check electric wattage requirements for his/her computer & mobile device(s) before placing an order on our website.   


The stand is an essential and handy computer & mobile accessory that may give you more productivity at work.   

Every one of our product pages, gives shoppers a frontside view of the charging stand.  The product page(s) includes a backside photo, an angled photo and one display of the charging stand by a computer.

There are choices in charging stands that are available for you to personalize with your own image. 

Upload your favorite selfie, photos, digital image(s) or create something in your photoshop tools to create an awesome new charging stand to put by your computer monitor or wherever else you must keep your phone charged.  

Click here to check out our Personalization article to get some handy tips on how to make the most of your favorite image(s)