Take your hot drinks with our ceramic mugs and stainless steel travel mug.  New In is the 11 ounce Magic Mug added to product line for the summer season opening period, launched in May 2019.  

This collection gives our interested shopper another way to buy our prints for more fun and even a few classy touches on essentially trendy mugs that shoppers look for many times of year. 

For home, the office and to carry around in the car, there is a design that will satisfy your style. Whether you order the one we campaign for or decide on another, we hope we have the one you must-have these days.

 Our friend Alice is pretty sweet on our black mugs and gets you singing with one of her mug choices. 

If not Alice, may have your favorite color mixes and possibly something very new that you get to have before anyone else around.

Please continue to browse the product pages for 11 ounce and 15 ounce ceramic mugs. And, the handy 15-ounce travel mug/ tumbler.  

Our Mugs Collection is displayed on our latest Facebook business page,titled Tagla Home, where account users and visitors may also shop.  The Facebook Shop checkout is discontinued but shoppers who visit our brand via FB will get their shopping cart redirected to our website checkout cart, where the shopper may complete their transaction.