Personalize TAGLA Collection

Add your Design to Products

Our designer tool affords all our shoppers to personalize each product design to fit his/her personal taste for fashion and gift giving ideas.

Each product has a built-in designer tool that function with the clicks of your computer mouse, the strokes of your keyboard, your fingers and stylus on your mobile devices.  The tools offer fonts, emojis 😊and some carry cliparts to create more impression on the design of the product given.  Even easier, you can upload your photos without using our brand design on select products. 

We hope all our shoppers will find designing on our website useful to their shopping needs.   

If you get confused with the instructions given by the designer toolkit or need further guidance, click here to read our blog on Personalization. 

You may also seek help from our chat support team via the Messenger tab located on the top right corner of the screen (in  order to use our Messenger Shop, you will require a Facebook account with the Messenger app to use our website shopping channel)

We highly regard that personalization would be an easy and fun activity that shoppers will want to use again.  Then, share with his/her favorite people and new connections.  

Hope you have fun designing!