Personalize TAGLA Collection

News is that you can now design products while shopping at This Artsy Girl's Line of Apparel Company. Add your unique element(s) to our latest product line of tops and art for the wall.  

Your shopping trip has just gotten a little more innovative with a personalization tool that requires you to click and use your keyboard to make and own TAGLA designs your way.
You can sit at home with your computer.  And most other places where you feel comfortable to sit and shop from your mobile device.   
To begin, browse and click on the top or art design that interest you most and begin to use the personalization tool today. Order the product(s) for hand delivery the same day.  Or tool around with your design ideas a few times until you are sure you are satisfied with your masterpiece.     
If you like the design as it is displayed by our company, you may simply add it to your cart and place an order of the top(s) and/or canvas(es) and nothing more.   Either way, our company will be so pleased to receive your order for on-demand printing and hand delivery.  
Soon you will have a new design to wear or mount on the wall which you created with This Artsy Girl's Line of Apparel Company.
Our company is so eager to hear back from you after you receive your order, through the product reviews.   Surely, we are mostly looking forward to the positive reviews after you have taken a good look in the mirror wearing your new top or shown them off to your closest friends, family and curious souls.   Still, all comments about personalization products/tools are welcome, too. 

This Artsy Girl has visitors who want to design their own fashion line and use our brand designs to create products.   Knowing so, This Artsy Girl takes this opportunity to stir up creativity from her regular online visitors and loyal customers,too -- with built-in designer tools on a select product list for this hotter seasons' opening.

This Artsy Girl hopes our fans will find this new way to shop a fun activity that they will want to use again and share with their favorite people and new connections.  

If you get confused with the instructions given by the toolkit or need further guidance, click here to read our blog on Personalization. 

You may also seek help from our chat support team via the Messenger tab located on the top right corner of the screen (in  order to use our Messenger Shop, you will require a Facebook account with the Messenger app to use our website shopping channel)

Hope you have fun designing!