Decorative Pillows

 Pillows's super soft, stuffed and decorative square and accent pillows for the home, office, car and any other place your heart desires. 

Our brand site also carries several shopping lines to a variety of online vendors, around the year, who sell us decorative cushion covers without filling. We think its great for our shoppers to have a line to the cushion cover(s)--these could be your wrap to gift one of our pillows prints to your family and friend(s).  Imagine the surprise of your friend or loved one who will get to keep the case cover, too.

Photograph display of Bellisima's t Tickle Pink stuffed pillow on top of an Alcapulco chair in living room Photograph display of Bellisima's Tickle Pink stuffed pillow displayed on stylish living room couch.

Photograph display of Bellisima's Tickled Pink Super Soft Stuffed Pillow. Priced $25.00


The pillows collection is displayed on our latest Facebook business page, titled Tagla Home, where account users and visitors may also shop.  Currently, the checkout from the Facebook shop will redirect customers to our site checkout cart.