6-Piece Believe Charm Weaved Multi-layer Leather Wristband


  • $11.99
  • Save $7


Casual and sporty 6 piece set of leather wristbands with Believe metal charm for everyday wear.  The weaved wristband has a unisex style to accessorize your summer lifestyle.   

The wristband is made of synthetic leather and the metal charm is tin alloy by FANALA.  The braided rope strand setting gives up to 7 inches (18 centimeters) to wrap around wrist.   

  • Shipping ($3.68 USD-- this amount is locked for US customers) and tax fees are paid to the brand's  3A Cyber Store vendor after checkout from this website. 
  • Packing and shipping for delivery (upto 25 days to US customers) are arranged via regular ground China mail. Delivery may take up to 25-40 days in most other places where the vendor regularly ships items -- UK, CAN, FR, SP, IN, GER and AUS.  When the wristband is ordered in greater quantity, import and duty fees will be charged in your region.   You will need to take responsibility and check your local Customs for the import/duty costs that you will incur when you place order(s) of the wristband.

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