About Tagla.co Company

tagla.co means This Artsy Girl's Line of Apparel Company


I am Vivian. I am the owner of this website. I started branding my fashion line in 2016 and feel proud to have this newly tailored website for fans and new customers to visit online. 

Most people call me Viv, Vivi, and Vivster.  And now, I have one of my own creation that I think will stick for a few more years as I get further into my business ventures online.   The new nickname I go by is Tagla — pronounced tag-lah.

I run and manage most of what goes on everyday across my site and have a few companies to help make me and customers happy --  for my brand’s development, truely!- the financial gains, getting further into product development and to show off my sales techniques convincing people to buy my products. 

I love doing print fashion.

I spend several hours a day sketching and drawing my designs from concepts I find interesting for print fashion & textiles that I think people will love to own.  Usually, small pieces of a bigger canvas. And wherever possible, I find ways to load my paintings for the printer companies to make my art available to many people as prints for walls. Happily, I can sell a variety of sizes to please my audience. 

Naturally, I need to stop occasionally, to sort out the bucket list of things that make me happy to have this business online.   My eyes get watery and tired but I will find my way back to a planner and sketchbook to draw up my ideas for tagla.co fans. 

Tagla defines my designs for print fashion better than the former brand name and that is important to me. 

The brand’s beginning on March 7, 2016 was Full Potential Is About You —back then the brand began with selling the designs before there was a product. I was curious that I would find a buyer who could do something else with the designs, even as I was just getting started. Every successful transaction gave buyers digital file download(s) to recreate the image(s) into their business tools and media.  

As I built my fashion brand I showed less of the file line to make shopping easier and attractive to new fans.

I plan to sell the prints again in another shopping platform. It’s just not ready yet.

I believe my fans will continue to like tagla.co.

Tagla is much shorter to type into a browser and search engine. Plus, a lot easier to speak and share with friends, your social networks and even Siri. 

On site, fans can find the share buttons to popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Reddit, to help them chat about the brand. 

On this site, every visitor also has the choice to subscribe their email address in our sign-up box to receive tagla.co newsletter and marketing, if you are not yet ready to place an order. 

Once you start shopping, your email is saved into the rewards tool after the first order so that you can always check what points you are making to apply discount offers to a future order.  The best way to $10.00 off your next order is by placing an order, referring a friend to tagla.co  and encourage them to buy, too. Using the social share buttons on product pages will link the new shopper to you. Easy! They will earn the same way. 

Tagla's customer satisfaction is precedent in all sales transactions and our printing affiliates know this, too.

Please stay on the website longer, browse the product pages and feel confident when you choose to place an order. 

Shopping on this site is safe, secure and your credit card details are not kept on the website or a log of any sort. As the brand owner, I just don’t have the capacity to carry such a huge responsibility. But the printing companies do so to fulfill the order for hand-delivery and allow a cancellation period to all customers.  They also keep your address details until your order arrives at your door, followed by a period to allow for any feedback to complete the order, even if something were wrong. 

Please be reassured that staff in the chat boxes will not ask for your personal details to help you out. They have a few tasks they are listed for and your personal credit issues are yours.

To reiterate, every customer’s payment details are captured immediately at the checkout.  Your address and contact details are saved by the printing studio for the sole purpose to make each order, then pack and ship your order to arrive at your doorstep in just a few days.

The company I keep are even busier than I am since they serve many other retailers. Still, together we are excited to get orders like any other affiliate shop.  

We all stay busy finding ways to sell and convince shoppers that we can be a brand shoppers like to add to their wardrobe.  It means the tagla.co team stay attentive when advertisers and our promotional campaigns draw in potential shoppers and bring back our first customers to buy again.  

Thank you for your interest in reading about tagla.co and how I have come around on the internet to sell on-demand printed art and fashion apparel.