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It is anticipated that your visit and shopping experience is going well with the navigation buttons and menus.  Still, it is understandable that questions come up while shopping online.

Though do not have staff at a retail shop near you, there are three ways on site to help answer queries that are not answered from our menu pages or social pages.  

  • For one, if you have a subscription to Messenger via Facebook, you may press the site tab (now found in the top right corner) of store pages while you are on the site.  On Messenger, you will get view of all the products, send queries to staff waiting and you may continue to the checkout while in Messenger. Just so you know, the middle Messenger chat box line connects you to a company affiliate who will have the latest on promotional offers for products to help you save on your purchase. 
  • You may opt to write to the brand’s head office if you have trouble getting answers or using our site for shopping. Please do not send return parcels or orders you wish to cancel to this address. The office is not in part of any of the printing companies that handle orders from our site. Any returns or cancellations are handled between us and the printing services on site. Please be mindful when writing to Site Head Office that the average response time takes longer than a fortnight. Normally, the response time to written correspondence may take longer than 14-31 days because letters received are checked for security, scanned, reviewed and redirected to our local team to handle your queries by writing. Our brand’s head office is:
14455 N. Hayden Road

Scottsdale, Arizona
United States 85260
+1 (480) 624-2599

  • The third and easy option is to contact the store team via email by filling in the contact form below. will endeavour to reply to your queries within 48 hours: