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Community Page 


This is your exclusive fan page to share about your experience(s) getting to know TAGLA and making purchases from this brand. 

Whenever you are ready, click on the menu buttons above and get to know, by browsing through the range of products with print designs.

One cool deal to help you shop are the exclusive discount code(s) at different times of year that will be created just for Instagram followers.  The code(s) will appear in the Instagram image below. 

Please do not lose your access to this exclusive Instagram community page. This page will give you a catch up on the site and to read what other Instagram followers share. 

There are only two ways to reach this community page. The two ways are to: 

  1. bookmark this page on your browser(s) and visit here again or 
  2. Keep following the profile on Instagram for the direct link that shows on the profile page. 

If for any reason, you should have any issues linking to this page, try getting a hold of a team player via the Contact Us page or pressing the site's Messenger button to request help (the Messenger button is the round blue button on the top right corner of the website screen). There is a handy article to get every shopper(s) familiarized to all the shopping tools on the website screen. Click this line to read it. Reading the detailed article may take up to 8 minutes to read all the details. 

We hope the result of the aforementioned article will offer every shopper enough information to fully utilize the integrated shopper-friendly buttons that appear on our website. These tools are given for every shopper to have communication with our team and do a little more during their shopping trip on this website.  

Thank you for clicking, following the profile and coming around to get familiar with this brand website and begin to shop. 

Vivian, Tagla Brand Owner

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