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Whenever you are ready, click on the menu buttons above and get to know TAGLA.co, by browsing through the range of print products you can order from this website.

This is an exclusive page for Tumblrs who follow the brand's print story blog. Use this page to share about your experience getting to know the brand and making purchases from this site.  Ever so often, a special treat appears just for this community in the Tumblr image below. 

Do not lose your access to this exclusive Tumblr community page to get your exclusive offer(s) and read what other Tumblrs share on this site. 

There are only two ways to reach this community page. The two ways to get here are to: 

  1. bookmark this page on your browser(s) and visit here again
  2. visit the prints story line on Tumblr for the direct link that appears under the page avatar.  

If for any reason, you should have any issues linking to this page, we ask that you consider contacting a team delegate via the Contact Us page or pressing the shop's Messenger button to request help (the blue app button located in the top right corner of the screen).  If you'd like to learn more about this button as part of this website's shopping tools, click here, for a handy information article about all the helpful buttons on the website screen.  

few other things to know --

Vivian, Tagla Brand Owner 

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TAGLA.co welcomes tumblrs to use the form fields below whenever you wish to share your comments with the community.