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Sorry. But as of March 18, 2020, This Artsy Girl’s fashion company website is temporarily shutdown, in lieu of health & safety matters around the worldwide health crises being faced by all, that may adversely effect our company, partners and customers—namely, the corona virus. Since the onset of the worldwide Corona Virus(COVID19) crisis, our brand owner has been concerned about the safety for our customer and company partners to continue business, without knowing when, and if, all relevant persons involved have been exposed to the virus. We presume that printing locations will have to lockdown and couriers will have to stay away from places that heighten the risk of exposure to the corona virus. The impact may be the same for the end customer who would receive their order by courier hand-delivery. Though, no direct news has yet come to us that any company & printing staff has the COVID19 virus, it is plausible that in the process of printing, packing, shipping and delivery—any person involved is facing the risk of exposure to the COVID19 virus. We wish everyone to stay safe from exposure until our governments, health experts and local communities have affectively ameliorated the viral exposure and risk to masses of people. We want our customers to feel satisfied with our brand during this time and be safe with receiving products from us. By stopping operation on March 18, 2020, This Artsy Girl’s company is helping customers and partners alleviate risks of COVID19 exposure in the safest way. *Any shopper who placed online orders up to the end of March 17, 2020, those items in the order will be fulfilled by our company—only if all the itemized products are still available. On this date, printing locations did not have some products in stock, having to cancel and inform the customer immediately after receiving the order from our website. Full reimbursement is included on those cancelled items. To reiterate, during this unprecedented time where our lives are at high risk, This Artsy Girl’s company wishes everyone to be safe, even with online shopping from our website. Hope shoppers would agree. If you are new to us, please leave us your email if you wish to get news of when the website will be back in full operation. Presently, the owner is highly regarding re-opening the website with an exclusive password for customers & interested shoppers to enter the website and shop from our seasonal collections the rest of this year.

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