Marshes on Slim iPhone 6/6s Plus

Marshes on Slim iPhone 6/6s Plus


  • $20.00

In the marshes design on slim iPhone 6/6s Plus Case Mate phone covers manufactured by SPOKE Customs brand. The strongest, lightest and most flexible case design on the market.

More product specifics:

.:The cover is made of extremely strong Lexan plastic, developed by General Electric Plastics.  This material is extremely strong and proven to be durable and impact resistant.
.:The super slim design makes the cove barely noticeable
.:The lay-flat bezel protects the screen from scratches
.:The cases are also UV protected.  This feature gives you excellent resistance to outdoor weathering and having long-term optical quality.  Just one reason we choose this case design to print on for our customer.
Check out this page for handy care instruction of our phone case covers. Click here.

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